Essential qualities of a courier service company

There are a lot of courier service and logistics companies out there. But if you observe the best performing ones, you can see that they share some similar qualities.

These are some of the essential qualities these best performing courier service companies share:

1. Adopt a customer-centrism model. They focus on their customers, and seek to provide the best customized solutions to solve the logistics problems of their customers while providing the best form of customer service. You can see that in these companies, their deliverymen always put on a smile in front of the customers, and communicating in a very polite and sincere manner. The customers will feel a deep sincerity coming from the courier companies which are trying very hard to make lives better for the customers.

2. They focus a lot on the performance of their logistics and courier service, especially the reliability of their goods being delivered. This is the top concern of any customer who engage courier and logistics company. They want their items to be delivered safely to their recipients. Time and cost factors are secondary. the best performing courier companies know this and hence, developed their own sets of operational procedures to make sure all goods are being delivered well and intact to the recipients.

3. They reward their employees well. This goes for companies in all industries – if you treat your employees well, they will be able to work harder and provide better value for the customers and the company. Do not try to push the employees too hard which will have a backfire effect. Employees will need to be motivated from time to time to keep their productivity up.

4. They plan ahead. The best performing courier service companies always know ahead – they got expansion plans, back up plans, contingency plans. They do not wait for things to happen. They try to predict things and make things happen. That’s why they are better prepared for the future and work towards getting a larger market share in the future.

The future of courier industry

It is interesting to come up with realistic visions of what the future may bring us. Every business owners and executives need to be able to have their own visions and either make them happen, or know that someone else will be making it happen and adapt to the new environment predicted. Let us focus now on the courier industry.

I always believed in the power of leverage and economy of scale, and that’s why companies have their own specialization and needs to rely on each other to survive and grow. As pointed out in my previous article “How to leverage delivery services for your business needs“, it will be beneficial sometimes to outsource services to other companies, especially if the other company can do it better than you and gives you a cost-savings as compared to you managing it in-house. Hence, the trend of businesses continuing to outsource their logistics businesses will continue into the future, and the logistics industry will survive or in fact, grow in the future as more people and businesses in the world buys products.

Next, to anticipate what technology will bring to the logistics industry. This is a very interesting concept and is hard to predict. Right now, Amazon is thinking of using drones in sending their goods to consumers and businesses in the United States. However, the possibility of it being true, in my opinion, is very slim. There is the great risk of security breach and using the drones to carry out terror acts, which can very possibly take place. Secondly, to be able to precisely send items using drones is a huge breakthrough. Thirdly, it is difficult to make sure that the drones will not malfunction or be struck down by human, animals, and nature forces.

I envision that the impact made to the logistics industry will probably be the creation of better and more fuel-savings vehicles, the ability to devise real-time network routes for the deliverymen based on real-time demand in very short times using software resulting in more cost-savings for the logistics companies. There may also emerge better and more secured ways of transporting items, always making sure the items remain safe and intact throughout the entire process.

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How To Find A Good Courier Company

Many courier companies in Singapore tout that they are all the best courier company in Singapore, but which company is the best or how do you identify the best services you can get in Singapore?

Here are some of the ways in which you can find the best delivery services. I shall use one of the best companies in Singapore PCA Masters Pte Ltd and use them as an example for top courier delivery services.

1) They are reliable. Remember that the main benefit of having a courier company is convenience. The second benefit is reliability. Hence, it is absolutely necessary that you are able to trust the courier or deliverymen. This is important and usually lies with the reputation of the company you wish to outsource to. Do they constantly have complaints? If so, then they’re not the choice for you. If they’re a truly reputable and reliable company like PCA Masters, then they would always take good care of their customers’ parcels or documents and are always accountable for your goods.

2) They are efficient. There are usually a few levels of services when it comes to courier services – namely, same day and next day delivery. If you’re searching for same day delivery, you want to make sure that the courier delivers your goods to your intended recipient on the same day at the dedicated time you indicated when hiring their services. This is important – punctuality is exceedingly important when it comes to courier services.

3) Make sure that you hire courier companies which are courteous. This is especially important if you are hiring them on the basis as a delivery partner in Singapore. If they are going to be the face of your company (in terms of delivering to your customers), then you should ensure they’re a happy bunch of people! This is important or you would potentially end up with unhappy customers.

How to leverage delivery services for your business needs

If you know how to leverage dispatch services in Singapore, you will be able to cut down a lot on hiring costs as well as improve productivity of all your workers and concentrate on the things that really matter – growing your company’s profits and growth!

Here are some of the ways in which leveraging dispatch services will boost your business’s growth many times over!

  1. Let us assume you are a normal business which needs to pass documents or small parcels to other businesses several times a month – let us put that volume at 15 times out of a month. Even within Singapore, this means that you would be spending at least 30 minutes to, and 30 minutes back for those 15 times. This means that you waste 15 hours in a month! Travelling is one of the biggest time wasters – and you cannot work or use your phone when you’re driving too. So what can you do? By getting dispatch or courier services in Singapore, you would be able to save those 15 hours a month and put them to better use discussing strategies with your team or simply doing your usual work and get more productive!
  2. For our second example, let us assume that you have about 10 deliveries each day for 22 – 24 working days of the month! This means that you have approximately 230 deliveries. Since 10 deliveries a day will take up quite a fair bit of time, you will likely need to hire a full time driver. This means that you will probably need to spend between $1,500 to $2,500 to pay the driver to work for you as a full-time employee. Instead of that, you could simply outsource to a reputable and established courier / dispatch services company in Singapore for around $5 per delivery only. That equates to less than $1,500 per month! The best part for you as an employer is that you no longer need to worry about managing your drivers, paying their extra CPF or any other things you usually need to think about if you were to hire an employee. Not only will hiring a courier company services help you reduce your effort, it will save you money too while achieving same or even faster results. How awesome is that!

Here’s How Courier Services Is Much Better Than Singpost

Of course there are many benefits to using a reputable and reliable courier company like in Singapore, or they wouldn’t even exist.

For unimportant mails, dropping by a mail box is great for delivery to your friend or colleague in Singapore (or around the world).

However, if the mail or parcel is important, you most likely want to register the mail so that the mail would be accounted for in a much more professional way. They ensure that it will get delivered!

Unfortunately for most people, Singpost is not the best option all of the time and the following are some of the reasons and circumstances where hiring a courier company will do you better in terms of satisfying your delivery requirements.

  1. If you need to get the parcel or mail delivered within the same day (both day and evening)
  2. If you cannot deliver the parcel or mail to the nearest Singpost station or physically pass it to your recipient conveniently
  3. You do not have the time and patience to wait at the nearest Singpost station (unfortunately for those people who don’t know, the queue is always long)

For any of the above 3 circumstances, getting courier services would be the clearly smarter choice.

For point number 1, you may need to get something delivered to your recipient within the same day or night urgently and have it accounted for. Courier services are perfect for this situation although you might want to take note that most courier companies will definitely charge a small premium for very urgent cases – this is because they will then place your case as top priority.

For point number 2, not everyone have the time and luxury to travel to the nearest Singpost station or travel across Singapore to pass your recipient the mail or parcel, then having a courier company pick it up from your location is best. You never have to leave your house or office desk and still get to have it delivered safely. Of course, you need to find a reputable and good courier company to get it delivered safe and fast.

For point number 3, it is really irritating to wait so long at the queues. In case you haven’t realized, time is precious – it’s the only thing you cannot buy. Therefore, you don’t want to waste your time or your maid’s or colleague (e.g. employee) time by queuing up mindlessly at the post office. Thus, engaging courier services at this point in time will be very convenient and useful.

Ecommerce And Business Deliveries In Singapore

There are many businesses in Singapore which sell products. Unlike services, when it comes to products, you either need to deliver it to your customers or have them pick it up. Chances are, unless you have a retail store / operate a retail store, you will need to deliver your goods to them either via a courier, a driver or a salesperson.

Of course, these are 3 ways in which you can do it, but which way is the best in terms of financial and business efficiency?

First of all, if you have a courier, for example outsourced courier services, you will usually have various levels of services provided by them. You can always opt for their regular one (which is generally speaking either same day or next day delivery) or you could opt for their fast parcel delivery in Singapore level of service which is provided by most courier companies in Singapore. That way, you can deliver urgent goods to your customers. They are usually the choice of businesses which want to lower their fixed overheads (which will be the case if you were to hire drivers).

Secondly, if you were to hire drivers, you would definitely have much higher fixed overheads because of their fixed salaries as well as purchasing or leasing a vehicle for parcel or document deliveries.

However, the good part about having your own drivers is that you have greater control over the employees. This is however only a good choice if you can also pay them lower than a courier services company in Singapore would charge; otherwise you would be better of outsourcing to a courier company because they are also reliable.

Finally, you could also get your salespeople to distribute the product. This is the common way many network marketing companies have done it such as Amway. They distribute products through their agents.

No matter which distribution model you choose, make sure you choose one which fits your business requirements, strengths and constraints.

Courier Pricing Differences In Singapore?

How do couriers price their services in Singapore? Of course, there are many possible ways, but for both international and local courier companies in Singapore, they mostly take up the same few methods of pricing and offer somewhat similar levels of services.

As mentioned in my previous post, companies like Singpost usually charge rates proportionate with the weight of the parcel or letter you wish to deliver. So it doesn’t matter whether you want it delivered urgently or at night, they will only deliver the next day if you send via mail. That’s the biggest disadvantage with Singpost. The advantage is that it’s cheap.

But if you want more accountability, then you should choose a courier instead. Just see courier services in Singapore as this – Singpost’s registered mail at a much cheaper price. When it comes to registered mail, you can rest assured it will cost a lot. However, if you were to simply get a courier instead, then it will be the same level of quality and service at a much lower price!

For instance, PCAMasters is such a local courier company in Singapore which offers reasonable pricing for ‘registered mail’ quality kind of services. There are some companies which charge exorbitant prices but PCA Masters is very reasonable. In fact, if you are sending within town, I hear that it’s as cheap as $5 from the last time I used their services just a few days ago.

Anyway, these are the styles that local courier companies charge by typically:

  • Within town area (otherwise known as within CBD area). If the courier has to travel through the ERP gantry, then chances are it’s going to cost more
  • Outskirts – there are some places like Changi Airport which are located at far flung places in Singapore and those usually cost more money
  • ICA / MOM – these are places where companies send their workers’ employment passes for renewal. As waiting times at these places are quite long, the couriers usually charge a hefty sum for it… but it saves you lots of effort (because you would otherwise need to wait there or waste your employees’ productivity by getting them to wait in line for hours each time omg!

Great Courier Companies In Singapore?

Singapore is known to be one of the busiest ports on Earth, and that is largely due to its strategic position for shipping. It’s located at a strategic spot where ships will conveniently need to bypass.

However, as the years went by, local delivery and courier services within Singapore have also become more popular (other than the shipping times of old).

Many courier companies, one state owned SingPost, and the rest which are international companies or local companies started by entrepreneurs have sprung up to fulfill the needs of both consumers and businesses in Singapore.

Here are a list of some of the best courier companies in Singapore.

First of all, it would be Fedex. Of course. They’re an international company and perhaps the largest and most well known courier and delivery company. In terms of reliability, they’re definitely reliable. However in terms of prices, they may not be as low as some courier companies in Singapore because Fedex focus more on international trade, imports and exports.

Secondly, it would be a fast rising courier company in Singapore, PCA Masters. PCA Masters is a local courier services company in Singapore started by entrepreneurs. Servicing both consumers and businesses, they focus on local deliveries. In terms of international exports and imports, you cannot look for them at this point in time and Fedex would be a better choice. But for local deliveries, PCA Masters is a hot choice among businesses and customers.

Thirdly, you could also always try Singpost. They may not be the cheapest, but for most mail deliveries which are not important or particularly urgent, you could try them. They’re like the USPS in America.

Finally, you should always make your choice based on your requirements and needs. If exporting and importing of goods through Singapore is your main concern, then international couriers like Fedex would do you better. For local urgent ones, then PCA Masters is your ideal choice. If it’s local and not urgent at all, go for Singpost.