Ecommerce And Business Deliveries In Singapore

There are many businesses in Singapore which sell products. Unlike services, when it comes to products, you either need to deliver it to your customers or have them pick it up. Chances are, unless you have a retail store / operate a retail store, you will need to deliver your goods to them either via a courier, a driver or a salesperson.

Of course, these are 3 ways in which you can do it, but which way is the best in terms of financial and business efficiency?

First of all, if you have a courier, for example outsourced courier services, you will usually have various levels of services provided by them. You can always opt for their regular one (which is generally speaking either same day or next day delivery) or you could opt for their fast parcel delivery in Singapore level of service which is provided by most courier companies in Singapore. That way, you can deliver urgent goods to your customers. They are usually the choice of businesses which want to lower their fixed overheads (which will be the case if you were to hire drivers).

Secondly, if you were to hire drivers, you would definitely have much higher fixed overheads because of their fixed salaries as well as purchasing or leasing a vehicle for parcel or document deliveries.

However, the good part about having your own drivers is that you have greater control over the employees. This is however only a good choice if you can also pay them lower than a courier services company in Singapore would charge; otherwise you would be better of outsourcing to a courier company because they are also reliable.

Finally, you could also get your salespeople to distribute the product. This is the common way many network marketing companies have done it such as Amway. They distribute products through their agents.

No matter which distribution model you choose, make sure you choose one which fits your business requirements, strengths and constraints.

Courier Pricing Differences In Singapore?

How do couriers price their services in Singapore? Of course, there are many possible ways, but for both international and local courier companies in Singapore, they mostly take up the same few methods of pricing and offer somewhat similar levels of services.

As mentioned in my previous post, companies like Singpost usually charge rates proportionate with the weight of the parcel or letter you wish to deliver. So it doesn’t matter whether you want it delivered urgently or at night, they will only deliver the next day if you send via mail. That’s the biggest disadvantage with Singpost. The advantage is that it’s cheap.

But if you want more accountability, then you should choose a courier instead. Just see courier services in Singapore as this – Singpost’s registered mail at a much cheaper price. When it comes to registered mail, you can rest assured it will cost a lot. However, if you were to simply get a courier instead, then it will be the same level of quality and service at a much lower price!

For instance, PCAMasters is such a local courier company in Singapore which offers reasonable pricing for ‘registered mail’ quality kind of services. There are some companies which charge exorbitant prices but PCA Masters is very reasonable. In fact, if you are sending within town, I hear that it’s as cheap as $5 from the last time I used their services just a few days ago.

Anyway, these are the styles that local courier companies charge by typically:

  • Within town area (otherwise known as within CBD area). If the courier has to travel through the ERP gantry, then chances are it’s going to cost more
  • Outskirts – there are some places like Changi Airport which are located at far flung places in Singapore and those usually cost more money
  • ICA / MOM – these are places where companies send their workers’ employment passes for renewal. As waiting times at these places are quite long, the couriers usually charge a hefty sum for it… but it saves you lots of effort (because you would otherwise need to wait there or waste your employees’ productivity by getting them to wait in line for hours each time omg!

Great Courier Companies In Singapore?

Singapore is known to be one of the busiest ports on Earth, and that is largely due to its strategic position for shipping. It’s located at a strategic spot where ships will conveniently need to bypass.

However, as the years went by, local delivery and courier services within Singapore have also become more popular (other than the shipping times of old).

Many courier companies, one state owned SingPost, and the rest which are international companies or local companies started by entrepreneurs have sprung up to fulfill the needs of both consumers and businesses in Singapore.

Here are a list of some of the best courier companies in Singapore.

First of all, it would be Fedex. Of course. They’re an international company and perhaps the largest and most well known courier and delivery company. In terms of reliability, they’re definitely reliable. However in terms of prices, they may not be as low as some courier companies in Singapore because Fedex focus more on international trade, imports and exports.

Secondly, it would be a fast rising courier company in Singapore, PCA Masters. PCA Masters is a local courier services company in Singapore started by entrepreneurs. Servicing both consumers and businesses, they focus on local deliveries. In terms of international exports and imports, you cannot look for them at this point in time and Fedex would be a better choice. But for local deliveries, PCA Masters is a hot choice among businesses and customers.

Thirdly, you could also always try Singpost. They may not be the cheapest, but for most mail deliveries which are not important or particularly urgent, you could try them. They’re like the USPS in America.

Finally, you should always make your choice based on your requirements and needs. If exporting and importing of goods through Singapore is your main concern, then international couriers like Fedex would do you better. For local urgent ones, then PCA Masters is your ideal choice. If it’s local and not urgent at all, go for Singpost.